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10 top tips to get your podcast started

10 top tips to get your podcast started

So, you’ve decided to put together a podcast, but what do you need to do to get things underway? There’s far more to it than just pressing record and throwing it up onto iTunes. As with anything else, the more prepared you are, the more you’ll likely get back, so we’ve put together 10 top tips to get your podcast started.

1. Give people a reason to listen

Listeners want to know what they’ll get from listening to your show and you need to be able to get that across to them quickly. Also, settle on one format and stick with it for a while, so people know what to expect.

2. Know your audience

Every podcast has a target audience, and you need to be in tune with yours. It will help you market yourself and create the right content to keep them engaged. They are the ones that listen every week and can also get in touch – engagement is the most important metric when it comes to podcasting.

3. Have a consistent publishing schedule

If people like your podcast they’ll want to know when it’s available and expect it on time on those set dates. Create a realistic schedule you can stick to, whether its weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. and people will remain engaged and make the time to download and listen.

4. Invest in good equipment

To create good quality, you’ll need a:

  • Microphone: (Samson Q2Us are affordable)
  • Digital Audio Workstation: (Audacity is free, good quality recording/editing software)
  • Video conferencing software: Zoom or Skype (Zoom offers separate audio tracks)
  • Hosting platform: These are mostly free, with the likes of Soundcloud and Podbean proving popular (advanced users can set up their own hosting with the likes of Krystal)

5. Do some trial runs

Do some tests before publishing any episodes, so the format, style, audio quality and presentation of the content is properly organised. It’s also a good idea to launch with 3-5 episodes so you can hook people who like what you have to say and ensure they come back for more.

6. Get in some editing practice

Once the recording has finished, you’ll need to do some editing to iron out any issues and to make sure it sounds professional. Intro and outro themes are a good idea to bookend the podcast – editing does take some time, so be prepared to commit to it for every episode.

7. Know your stuff

Before you get your podcast started you’ll need to read up on your subject. People will know if you are passionate about the topic you’re discussing and expect to see that enthusiasm shine through. Have fun with what you’re doing, and listeners will too, and that should help you grow your numbers over time.

8. Create a website or landing page

Part of your branding should include a website or landing page where you can add in on-site streaming and links to iTunes etc. Create a strong design that is SEO optimised and post this link in as many places as possible.

9. Get promoting

There are a million and one podcasts out there, so you have to work hard to promote yours as your hard work can easily be overlooked and forgotten without it. Set up a website or landing page, promote across all social media channels and drive listeners to tune in and hear your podcast.

10. Put together a plan

If you have a strategy of how you will record, edit, publish and promote your podcast you stand a better chance of success. Write it down somewhere and streamline as you go, so you can do all the important parts as efficiently as possible.

So what next?

If you’d like help creating your very own branded professional podcast then we can help. Find out more in our Podcasting section or contact us below. We can help you get your podcast started.

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