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Boosting Organic Content On Social Media

Boosting Organic Content On Social Media

It pays to make the most out of the organic content you post on social media – be it in video, photographic or written form. New content is being posted every second and the competition is fierce. But by making the most of your organic content you can ensure you are creating new opportunities and capitalising wherever possible. Here are a few tips on how you can boost your organic content on social media.

Make a visual impact

Not only is finding the right social media platform important for your business, but also the way you make the most of the tools available. If you use Instagram, ensure the photos look clean and presentable to make an impression on potential new clients.

Post completed projects in their best form, or a series of photos showing the journey from conception to completion. For text-based platforms like Twitter you can post links to blog pages, interesting industry-related articles, promotional landing pages, or even to your Instagram. Whatever you use, keep it simple but professional and engaging enough for people to want to interact and find out more.

Create customer interaction

Now you’ve posted a fantastic looking image highlighting your work, or posted a case study profiling a happy customer, how do you get people to engage? A simple call to action can make all the difference. Adding a link to simple, cleanly designed page for potential customers to make an enquiry will encourage readers to get in touch.

It can be specific landing page for a promotional activity, product or service, or an existing page on the website – the most important thing is it is easy to use, understand and can capture the right information for you to follow up and turn an enquiry into a paying job.

Expand your organic reach

The content on your website or social media channels counts as organic content. Anything you do not pay for – such as images and videos or blog posts written in-house – is organic. However, because of their complex algorithms, social media may not be showing all your content to all your followers.

A great tip to increase your exposure is to use the tools they have available. Whether it’s using live video options, or joining Facebook groups for specific types of age groups/customers, the algorithms will identify you are interacting with their marketing tools and put your content in-front of more eyes they think will be interested in seeing it.

Optimise organic potential

Social media platform settings should be reviewed as they also impact on your success rate. You can target specific parts of your audience by using these tools correctly. For example, on Facebook you can narrow down options to areas such as gender, status, age, location, language, interests and more (there are 8 in total). You’ll also find similar on Twitter. The more targeted you can be, the more likely you are to produce new enquiries.

Ensure you are in the right places

Avoid spreading yourself too thinly across social media. You do not have to present on all platforms – especially as a small business because you will lack the resources to make the most of each channel. Look at which platforms produce the most interaction and talk with customers to find out the channels they use regularly. Also review competitors and where they are marketing and the level of success they are achieving. A more focussed approach will go a long way to maximising returns.

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