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eCommerce Payment Options discussed

eCommerce Payment Options discussed

There are lots of eCommerce payment options but which types are best for your web store? You want to ensure customers visiting your eCommerce store can pay for their products without any fuss, so it’s important to find a reliable method of managing transactions. With Shopify you can either go for card payments, direct debit or instalment plans, depending on your preferred model. Other platforms like WooCommerce allow you to setup multiple payment options, although there are extra costs involved which are not always helpful to smaller businesses. Below we go through three of the best payment options for your Shopify store.

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Card payments

A good and easy to integrate option for card payments is Stripe which can be integrated into your Shopify account very easily (and is easy to add to WooCommerce stores as one of a number of eCommerce payment options also), offering a simple method of dealing with customer transactions. To get started you’ll need a key for testing and for going live in order to use Stripe’s REST API (these are located in the Stripe Dashboard under Developers). Go for Stripe Checkout if you want to integrate it into your website and you’ll find the setup guide is clear and simple to follow. Stripe is also the best way to support both Apple Pay and Google Pay payments made in your store.

Direct Debit

Whether it’s one-off or regular direct debit charges, GoCardless is a very reliable payment option. They send an authorisation link to your customers for payments and once completed you can add them to your payment plan to take ongoing payments for as long as they are signed up. GoCardless updates the direct debit model for the digital age, and is easy to integrate into a Shopify store. There are different price plans depending on the region you want to operate in (Standard, Plus and Pro), with the basic package having no monthly charge, although there are fees to pay per transaction.


A relatively new but increasingly popular repayment scheme for eCommerce stores is Klarna. It enables people to spread the cost of an item across three equal instalments. The first is due once the item has been shipped with the remaining two due on fixed dates. No interest is added, so the customer only ever pays the retail price and nothing more. Customers can pay off instalments or the entire remaining balance early if preferred. It’s relatively easy to install so you can have Klarna up and running quickly in your Shopify store.

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