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Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

Great mobile web design will make all the difference to how customers use your site. Below are some key mobile web design tips to ensure your site prioritises the customer experience. 

Optimise the site for mobile use

As of March 2021, Google now prioritises mobile websites over desktop sites in terms of indexing for rankings. It’s now more important than ever to ensure your mobile site is fully optimised and responsive, as it could see you fall down the page rankings. 

Ensure calls to action are easy to see

Whether it’s asking for a quote, or a secondary action such as logging in or making a payment, putting the calls to action in a prominent position makes things easier for visitors to your website. Make common tasks hassle-free and more people will engage with the content.

Don’t overcomplicate menu content 

Most people do not want to read lengthy pieces of content. They prefer to find what they need and t to be able to understand it quickly. Make your menus clutter free and easy to navigate so customers can click through without wasting their time – otherwise they may go elsewhere.

Simplify returning to the home page

The easiest way to return to the home page is to hit the logo in the top left-hand corner, which is what most people expect. If that doesn’t happen customers will become frustrated and you could easily lose a sale.

Manage promotional pop-ups

Promotional interstitials can be annoying and get in the way of what a customer is trying to do on the site. Using these type of pages could also have a negative effect on your Google ranking, so minimise or remove their presence as much as possible. 

Enhance customer search options

Make sure the search field is easy to find on the home page as customers like to look around. The results should also be relevant to the search query entered, otherwise frustration will quickly grow. Add in filters wherever possible so people can quickly narrow down the results so they are not swamped with too many options. 

Give visitors more control

Most customers want the freedom to browse before committing, so avoid asking them to sign up before using the site. Don’t be too quick to ask for important information your business may need. Studies also show that many people like the option to purchase as ‘guests’ rather than creating another new account. 

Form completion

Turn off auto-complete in forms, as this can make a simple task much more long-winded, although it is helpful to pre-fill fields with information you already know such as billing and shipping addresses, if the same. Enable use of the ‘return’ button to move forward to the next field. 

What should you do next?

There is a lot involved in mobile web design, and knowing where to start can prove difficult if it isn’t your area of expertise.

To help get you started we’ve put together a 10-step guide on what to look out for as part of our free mobile review. Get in touch today to find out more and we could also help you with any redesign elements your site may need. 

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