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Personal Branding and careful choice of colours

Personal Branding and careful choice of colours

Branding has more of an effect on us than many of us realise. It’s not just the logo, font choice and words that influence the way we engage with them, but just as importantly, the use of colour. It’s one of the main reason why some of the largest brands (experts/celebs too! Don’t forget personal branding) in the world spend millions in order to find the right tone that will strike the right chord with their customers.

A brilliantly light-hearted tweet connecting Theresa May with TRESemme (re-read the name of the shampoo slowly) may well have more of a connection than you may at first (or even the prime minister herself) think.

Remember, colour is not actually ‘real’ and is only an interpretation of light made by our brains, so it is deeply personal to each and every one of us.

Why the colours of branding and personal branding are so important

Every successfully sold product or service is done so on the back of an emotional connection. Logos are iconic and tell part of a story, but it is the use of colours that hit home with customers and draw them in to find out more. Of course, there are other factors that go into convincing someone to part with their money, but presentation (of which colour is an essential factor) is one of the most important.

Colours provoke an initial reaction and a response from people to engage with it. This doesn’t mean they will fall instantly in love with the product simply because of the colour, but our interaction with colours can quickly influence our mood and whether or not we identify with whatever it is we are looking at.

For example, we associate black with sophistication and it tends to be used in more upmarket products. Red is often linked to more extreme emotions like passion or danger, although in other territories like Asia, it denotes prosperity (an important note to remember when marketing worldwide). White suggests honesty and the future, while green now speaks of the environment and caring. What has to be remembered is that everyone has different interpretations of colour, so while these shouldn’t be used universally, they can act as indicators and guides.

How we assess colours

We are constantly making subconscious decisions throughout the day, with many taking place in as little as 90 seconds. Research by Colorcom says that 62-90% of these judgements are based on colour alone. When it comes to selecting a product you trust enough to purchase and use, colour is often at the heart of its individuality and affects how we perceive it on first sight.

Once a colour becomes associated enough with a brand it’s difficult to separate the two, which is extremely powerful. Think of sky blue and Twitter, or red and Coca Cola – if the sight of a colour reminds you of a certain brand – even subconsciously – then they have developed a serious hold on the market.

Just as importantly, the colour has to suit the type of product being sold. Customers need to believe it fits appropriately so it feels like the right fit. A colour clash doesn’t just have to mean the blending of two colours that do not match each other – it can also mean the colour sits at odds with the actual product. Any product experiencing that issue will find it hard to overcome without a rebrand.

Remember, nothing is set in stone and the only right or wrong colours used for your business are the ones you decide to use. While the success of your product or service won’t completely depend on the colours you pick, bear in mind that it will play a significant part.

If you’d like some help or guidance with your own personal branding we’d be happy to speak to you. Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll contact you shortly to discuss further.

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