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Shopify Page Builders Ranked

Shopify Page Builders Ranked

If you are not experienced with using code, Shopify page builders are your best option. They ensure you can still build an impressive ecommerce website without in-depth technical knowledge. Below are some of the best Shopify page builders to give you an idea of where to start.


Pagefly is our first choice of the Shopify page builders, it enjoys great reviews across the board, with its user friendly design typically being the feature most people enjoy. It’s a page builder found on thousands of Shopify websites and it continues to be a popular choice for both new and existing ecommerce traders. The user-friendly UI makes it easy to set things up in the way you that benefits you, with the drag and drop system making it ideal for beginners. There are over 50 elements available, coding options, a large template library and lots of compatibility with other apps.


Great for newcomers to Shopify, LayoutHub uses pre-built block templates to set up your design. It’s easy to use and the entry level is also free of charge. It fits neatly into the Shopify layout, complementing what you already have in place. The template library is extensive, although options are not as big as Pagefly, and there is good support available in the help centre, and on email and chat.


For really great-looking mobile-ready Shopify pages, Shogun is a great option. People that have been using Shopify for a while are best suited for this page builder, where you can track conversion rates, click-through rates, bounce rates and much more and even implement A/B testing – although it becomes more expensive the more you use.  It uses a drag-and-drop system, has lots of useful SEO and page publish scheduling tools.


Usability is the priority with GemPages, with video tutorials also available to offer more guidance. There is also a CDN and lazy-loading plugin that boosts page loading speed, which should reduce bounce rates and bolster conversions. There’s a number of ‘mini-apps’ that come with GemPages, rather than integrating third-party options, although not all of them perform well. It helps with mobile optimisation and uses a drag-and-drop system for ease of use.


ZIpify uses a large library of template designs to help you improve Shopify website optimisation. You have access to things like breadcrumb navigation, while also being able to use countdown timers and features that highlight the best available offers. It also offers A/B testing and split testing for those who have paid for the ‘Plus’ service, although overall the app is more expensive than some of the other Shopify options.

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