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The key to optimising your online presence

The key to optimising your online presence

In today’s increasingly digitised world it would be fair to assume every business has a website and that they use the search engine to advertise their services or products. After all, approximately 63,000 search queries are made every second (which equates to 5.6 billion every day) so it wouldn’t make much sense not to be online at all.

However, it is still quite common for us to hear statements like: “Our website never gets us very much” or “No-one searches for our services on Google” or even “Google isn’t the way to go”. Of course, Google isn’t the only place to find new business but if customers cannot find you online you are potentially missing out on huge growth opportunities. 

Getting the most from Google search 

With the right professional help and guidance you can develop a cost-effective strategy while optimising your online presence that can produce some fantastic returns. An example of that can be seen in a small carpet shop business we recently worked with in North London. They were very sceptical about Google and thought their products were too traditional to find much relevancy online. 

But there are certain services and products that will always be in demand and a business that can provide flooring products certainly falls into that category. It’s an essential part of any domestic or commercial property, so we knew there was a much larger audience this business could be exposed to. 

In order to improve the carpet shop’s presence on Google we teamed up with some of our most trusted partners to implement a strong marketing strategy. Marshmallow did superb work to shape the company’s branding and target customer profile, and Brick Digital created the SEO strategy that would go on to produce some fantastic results. The team at John Lawley were responsible for developing a new website design in anticipation of a larger audience arriving over the coming months.

The results so far

Once all the various elements had been completed the website was launched and the SEO kicked into action. The start of the year saw the website receive very little exposure (around 300-400 impressions) which has now scaled up to a hugely impressive 20,530 impressions in Google Search in the first half of June.

This is more than just strong search engine results and a Google report to be proud of as it has translated into a tangible increase in enquiries for the business. It demonstrates that implementing simple techniques can produce consistent monthly online growth for small businesses, even if they never previously had a Google presence. 

If you are not on Google and unsure how to get started and want to look at optimising your online presence, or if you think your website needs a refresh, get in touch with us today to find out how we can could help. Call 020 3637 1260 or email to get the ball rolling. 

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