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Website Strategy: Updating it during the Covid-19 uncertainty

Website Strategy: Updating it during the Covid-19 uncertainty

Your website strategy will now be key to growth in the coming weeks, months and years. With the World currently being such a crazy place people (including your customers and clients) need reassurance that at least some things are continuing as normal, as after all, humans are mostly conservative souls and like to know there is continuity even despite the Covid-19 uncertainty.

Some of the things most small to medium sized businesses are neglecting are their websites and contact lists. The majority of business owners we have spoken to will at first admit they have not been in contact with their client or customer base to let them know their contingency plans or how they are working during the outbreak.

In a mass market and with lots of things going on if you’re not communicating you’re invisible and forgotten and if you’re not keeping people updated they’ll assume not you’re not working.

You might want to take a look through our Useful Tools section for apps and plugins you can use to help develop your website strategy – click here.

So let’s look at some basics to keep your online presence updated so there’s at least the possibility of new work coming in.

Website Strategy: Your Website Home Page

This is usually the first place people arrive so why not leave a message here to tell them how you’re operating. If you have closed or furloughed then why not let people know but if you can offer some kind of service then make it as obvious as possible.

You could also include links to relevant information to help people during the Covid-19 crisis, directing them to pages with content they should see.

A few examples:

ISA Consortium – an accountants and bookkeepers in Rickmansworth, the easiest way to bring people’s attention to a situation is to have a simple but clear pop-up appear when your home page loads with information in it advising the user on how you’re operating and what to do to contact you. Take a look here.

If you’re offices are closed but you’re helping out with emergencies then you could use the principle above to create a similar notice as we did for Edgware Glazing, take a look here.

We also helped Taylor Associates LLP, accountants in Finchley, London, to create several informative pages de-coding the Governments financial help packages for businesses, the self-employed and details on the PAYE Furlough Scheme.

Another technique but still using pop-ups is along the lines of Gemserv, a consulting business in Central London. Their pop-up gives you exact details on the company’s procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic and also provides further reading on the subject for users.

You may have a specific service you’d like to offer during these difficult times, our SEO and Google partner Brick Digital for example are offering a free website audit and consultation, you can access the booking form direct from their home page. Take a look here.

Simple and Straightforward

All of the above are very quick and simple to implement but have proven to be very effective. Placing the links and information directly in front of website users has the benefit of funnelling them directly to the areas on your site that matter the most at that moment. Staying on top of the current situation as it develops should be easy to do and adding a pop-up to a website is straightforward.

If you need help with your website strategy or would like to create new landing pages or roll out new services we can help.

Need more information about the pandemic? Take a read through our Covid-19 resource page by clicking here.

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