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What is SproutSocial

What is SproutSocial

We are SproutSocial agency partners and absolutely LOVE the software. If you manage social media accounts then the first thing you need to find is a reliable piece of software to help you take the leg-work out of scheduling posts, replying to enquiries and gaining insights and analytics. This is where SproutSocial comes in providing all of those things in one place.

When people start out managing a Facebook or Instagram account they invariably begin by posting when they remember. There often isn’t any rhyme or reason for when, just when they remember, and what they post is often a bit of a hap-hazard affair of what they’re just thought up or seen someone else do.

Social media is a conversation and one fo the biggest rules is to have a plan to actually be social. That means teaching, informing, guiding people and answering their questions. Not sell, sell, sell. Cultivating an audience is like doing well at person-to-person networking, what can you provide them that is of interest to them?

Next the more advanced social expert will try to think out a strategy. This often takes place around events during the year, an expected high season for sales or a big conference taking place. Added impetus of keeping the conversations going can add to the whole experience.

As soon as people lose interest and everything becomes too much work the posts tend to stop and the accounts start to gather dust. It’s often when a business runs out of things to say, isn’t getting any response or the whole account management thing starts taking up too much time.

This is where enterprise level software such as SproutSocial comes into its own. Sprout has a number of modules built in to help stop the social fatigue and enable you to get more done.

The scheduling feature can take the hurt and pain out of the daily need to post. Set aside 1-2 hours monthly and you can schedule your content and messages to post at a set day and time on different accounts. You can take advantage of Sprout’s machine learning, it can propose optimal times during the day for your posts to take the guesswork out. You can even use the Sprout Queue, regular time slots each of your social accounts will post each day and Sprout will do the rest for you.

Customer service responses can be initiated by chatbots set up and run via SproutSocial. Social Listening – finding out what conversations are being had on different social channels – can be utilised to find your voice and what people are interested in.

Perhaps one of the most useful modules are the reports and analytics. Sprout gathers all the details interactions and engagements for each of your accounts and puts them together in neatly visualised reports so you can see what effect your efforts are having.

In short SproutSocial is a highly effective, timesaving app that is essential for any social media manager working within a business or agency based.

You can find out more about SproutSocial by clicking here. We also run regular tutorials via our Facebook group, which you can join by clicking here.

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