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What to think about when starting your new podcast

What to think about when starting your new podcast

Starting your new podcast may seem a daunting task but the technology to create audio programmes and publish them is well developed. The main concern is what your show is going to cover and how you’ll draw attention to it.

In 2021, more than 19.1 million people listened to podcasts in the UK and that figure is set to grow to over 28 million listeners by 2026 (podcast statistics). Podcasts have fast become one of the most popular forms of audio entertainment in the world, covering almost every topic you can think of.

If you are thinking of starting one yourself, there are some important things you need to consider before pressing record. Here we give you some ideas on what to think about when starting your new podcast.

Have a clear idea on what you are going to talk about

While it may seem like an obvious point when starting your new podcast, you need to have clarity on the topics you want to tackle in your podcast. There are so many podcasts available now that finding a unique angle or topic can be difficult. The best place to start is with a subject that serves a particular niche audience and one that has the potential to grow. For example, if you love film, rather than discussing the latest blockbusters, look towards cult and obscure films of years past – you might be surprised just how many people are searching for a podcast that will talk about this kind of stuff.

What do you want to call your podcast?

Finding a name for any new product or service can be difficult, and that also applies to podcasts. Try to come up with something that is catchy and distinct and avoid going the generic route. Of course, it should relate to the subject(s) you are talking about and ensure it is spelled exactly as it is spelt (it doesn’t have to be grammatically correctly, but rather, phonetically correct). Keep the title short and sweet and also consider the search-ability of the name – so including keywords potential listeners will use when searching could be helpful.

How will you brand your podcast?

Much like a YouTube video, your podcast thumbnail will help you stand out from the many others that will appearing the listings. There are no right or wrong methods to use. You just have to make sure your brand aligns with your target audience and the tone of the podcast. This all feeds into the way you market your podcast, the name you give it and creative elements such as covert art and the intro music.

Are you in it for the long-term?

In order to see some success for your podcast, you have to be committed to podcasting in the long-term. Podcasting requires a lot of time and energy, even if you are putting together a seasonal podcast with a set number of episodes. Growing your audience takes time, just like any other marketing channel, so it can take months or even years to see make any real footprint.

If your podcast is directly related to an existing business, then you will benefit from having an in-built listenership that will provide an instant platform to build on. However, there are no guarantees that existing customers will want to listen to the podcast, so you still need to ensure you provide quality content that will engage them.

How long will it be?

Length also matters, as the longer the podcast, the harder it is maintaining your audience’s attention. 30 minutes tends to be the average length, although you can go a little bit longer if needed. It may be best to start with shorter, punchier episodes and steadily increase in length if it is warranted. People tend to listen to several podcasts a week, so the shorter yours is, the easier it is for them to squeeze you into their routine.

Other things to look out for when starting your new podcast

Some other key points to cover when planning a podcast include:

  • Who will be hosting the podcast? Solo podcasts work better if you have a script to work from, whereas co-hosting allows a little more room for spontaneity and improvisation.
  • How often will you release episodes? It takes a while to put together a high-quality show, so commit to a schedule you are comfortable with and ensure you stick to it so people know when to expect it.
  • Use interesting episode titles – Avoid generic titles such as “Episode 1” and use funny/engaging titles that will pique people’s curiosity to hit play and subscribe.
  • Invest in good podcast equipment – You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to produce good quality audio. Shure SM-series microphones come highly recommended, and you’ll also need a USB audio interface such as Zoom LiveTrak and a good pair of headphones.

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