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Why is social and sonic audio so important for your business?

Why is social and sonic audio so important for your business?

Sonic audio (or social audio) presents a big opportunity for brands to collaborate with experts, influencers and celebrities. Even more so than social media, social audio allows brands to engage in conversations that are relevant to the moment, offering the ability to react and respond to the now. In many ways, social audio has transformed the way podcasters and alike are able to reach their listeners. The medium presents the chance to create interactive social media shows featuring live voting and rankings for both the host and audience.

Strategic programmes can also become a focus with social audio. This can include things such as enhancing customer care, driving employee advocacy, or enhancing diversity and inclusion engagement. As we head further into 2022, an increasing number of brands are turning towards social audio as an integral part of their content strategy due to the breadth of material that can be used.

Some examples of how to use social audio effectively for your business include:

  • Online events
    If you are hosting an online event, it offers the opportunity to deliver personalised messages to your audience. This enables you to increase engagement with your target market and drive home key messages about your brand.
  • Audio meetings
    Slack’s social audio feature ‘Huddles’ can host up to 50 people at a time, with the option to turn on screens and captions. This is ideal for departments facing tight deadlines who need to brainstorm ideas.
  • Live audio rooms
    Facebook Live Audio Rooms allows you to set a time and invite speakers for people to engage with. You can have an unlimited number of listeners and no more than 50 speakers, so small businesses can achieve their engagement and marketing needs.

Working with social branding

Audio branding

Audio branding refers to the sounds or music associated with a brand. It is hardly a new concept, but along with social audio, it is set to become a key tool for a growing number of businesses in 2022 and beyond. Here are a few benefits you can expect from engaging with social branding:

Develop more loyalty

Use of sound creates a more emotive response than visual imagery. Imagine watching a horror film on mute and how scared you feel compared to the full sensory experience when you can match the sound with the on-screen visuals.

Good use of sound gives you the chance to tap into the commitment and loyalty of your target audience, creating a stronger bond and the development of long-term trust.

Become memorable

It’s one thing for customers to know your brand but it’s another thing entirely for them to remember it. Of course, there are a variety of brand tools available that can be used to assist with that, including your logo and use of photography. However, when used in conjunction with sound or audio it can engage with people’s memories for a host of different reasons. Pitch and tone encourage different reactions in us all and finding the right one for your brand can make it much easier for people to remember you.

Enhance your brand personality

Sound humanises us all and that can also be applied to your digital presence, which can otherwise seem a little cold and distant online. Digital media is vey convenient, but it does not offer the personal touch we get from in-person interactions. Studies have shown that people respond faster to sound than other forms of media, so if you can develop the right sonic identity for your brand, it can add more depth to your online personality, making you stand out from your voiceless competitors.

Social Audio: so what next?

If you’re looking for help to create sonic elements for your company or brand we can help. Get in touch to find out more.

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