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Website Tips to grow your Business: Our Top 5 Tips

Website Tips to grow your Business: Our Top 5 Tips

A little while back I spoke on the Simplified Marketing Podcast giving a number of ideas and website tips on how to use your site effectively during these difficult times. You can read more about my website tips below or watch the episode by clicking here.

Along with the very wonderful Georgia Stylianou of Marshmallow Design and Andrew Black of Heroes on Hand I’ve been recording regular podcast episodes on how to grow your business. If you have a free 10 or 20 minutes to catch some of the episodes I’d highly recommend it as we have had some great guests and theres lots of useful information there.

Tip One – Pop Ups

One of the main things we’ve found that are doing really really well at the moment are popups. This was also related to one of Georgia’s tips when using Facebook for business, to pin a really important post to the top of your feed, that could be telling people all about how you as a business are operating during coronavirus, and the lockdown. If you are actually offering a service, what it is and details from it.

The equivalent on your website is to have a pop up which appears as soon as people arrive on your page. This pop up can then relay a quick message to let uses know how you’re working, if you’re still working and a quick contact link to click to find out more details. This popup then leads people onto a landing page with all the right details on so they can see your new terms of service and how you’re working.

This strategy has been phenomenally successful for driving different inquiries and if you aren’t telling people you exist and you’re still able to help them then you disappear from people’s mind’s and you lose business.

Landing Pages can be an extremely good tool as people are often in a rush and don’t want spend time looking through your entire website to find the information that they’re looking for. Try and get to them to the really important information straight away with the link just popping up straight in your face on the screen.

Tip Two – Easy Contact Buttons

Making yourself easy to contact can be a game changer. On most of the new websites we’re building we are adding easy contact buttons. As far as website tips go this can be a real benefit, especially on mobile.

We’ve found this (especially with a lot of trades websites such as builders, carpenters, plumbers and electricians) where a lot of people nowadays, and it’s something like between 50 and 70 percent of people, are searching for and looking at a website using their mobile phone. If you’re a trade and if you’re using WhatsApp, for business or just the one that you use normally, you can embed a button at the top of your page with the WhatsApp icon. People just press that and automatically then connected to you via WhatsApp. They’re able to ask you a question and book your service right there and then.

That has been really successful as well. Just being able to contact a service really quickly. Rather than having to phone, rather than having to email, a WhatsApp message is nice and simple. There are lots of very very simple integrations now for WordPress websites, and a lot of easy-build websites as well.

Tip Three – Contact Forms

This next tip is something we’ve been learning about from experience over the last six or so months, if not longer. A lot of websites that people have are kind of out of the box templates. They may look fine, and the businesses using them may be just a starting out and that is absolutely fine. However, pretty much all standard templates have a standard contact form which is never really much use and doesn’t necessarily drive as much engagement as you need.

If you are actually pushing people towards a contact form and saying, “do you know what? If you want to actually book our service then use this form to get in touch” or, “if you want a free 20 minute consultation, here’s your form to get in touch”, you’re actually giving someone a purpose to put information into that form.

I’ve seen this work very well with insurance companies who are offering to review insurance documents for business interruption claims.

The fact is if you can make a purpose for someone to contact you, give them a good reason and show what value they’ll receive from contacting you then you’ll get a much better response and more enquiries.

There are a number of great examples below to test out:

Tip Four – Use Video

This is becoming really important nowadays but if you’ve got a website then start using video on it.

Video has become very accessible, we’re all now experts using apps such as Zoom and Facetime, many people have got better doing things like doing Facebook Live during March to June, and there are so many ways to record video easily including your phone.

Adding video content to your website is going to help you with the conversion rate of that website, that is generate more enquiries.

When you use video suddenly instead of being a faceless corporate body you go to being someone people warm to and like, you start creating a following and a more enthusiastic pool of people to buy from you.

It’s the same way that we found worked with The Simplified Marketing Podcast in vision. People get to know you a lot better. Find out about your personality. That 30 seconds or one minute of you describing your own service to someone and how exited you get about helping people. Really sets the tone, rather than 300 words. Still do the 300 words as well, but have that video sitting there which describes what you are doing. Embed it at the top of your website so you’re giving people information in two ways, which then they can then consume it in their preferred way.

As we know people buy form people and video is a great way to get you seen!

Tip Five – Keep Asking For Reviews & Testimonials!

The fifth and final one of our website tips in this instalment and possibly one of the most important things to keep up to date with and to ask for more of are testimonials and reviews. It’s something that is just so important. The number of reviews you have and people can see you have effects their judgement of your service immediately and can often be the difference between you getting the job or not. Right now as people have time on their hands, they should be happy to help by leaving you a review on Google or Facebook or wherever it’s most useful for you.

As soon as you have reviews you can then start displaying them on your website as you can easily cut and paste the text from google or Facebook and have it on a nice carousel rolling through. It’s another trust marker for your business alongside any accreditations or associated bodies that you’re part of.

You can find more website tips and ideas in our website blog by clicking here.

Need more information? Take a read through our Covid-19 resource page by clicking here.

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