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Effective Marketing Branding in 5 Great Tips

Effective Marketing Branding in 5 Great Tips

As most people have been on lockdown at home, there has been an increased focus on social media marketing. Larger companies will have expert teams with clear strategies in place, but this may not be the case for many smaller enterprises who have previously not had the available time or resources. For anyone who falls into that category, here are 5 great tips for effective marketing branding.

1. Create brand identity

Rather than use photo images as the profile image on social media platforms, use the company logo instead. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure brand consistency and to present a professional image that will encourage new customers to find out more. Maintaining brand identity is crucial, especially for smaller businesses that may share their name with other companies. Using company logos and colours ensures brand awareness is maintained and customers can find you without any confusion.

2. Use creative marketing content

As an extension of the first point, take care with the cover photo design (the larger image at the top of Facebook/Twitter etc.). Avoid using this space to position your company logo. Instead, be creative to maximise your marketing options. For example, on Facebook you can upload video content into this space that can really help sell your services or products quickly to visitors. Use low cost apps to create animated graphics that reveal more about the company, or high quality images that offer a great reflection of the work you do.

Some great tools we use are SproutSocial and their Landscape tool which helps you to properly size your social posts and images. Also Adobe Spark has some great templates and ideas to create an effective brand on social.

3. Keep in-touch with customers

Effective marketing branding relies on communication and this is key during the lockdown and will remain so throughout the pandemic. Keep customers updated about your business activity and what services you are currently able to provide. Do this on social media platforms and your own website. It can also be done via a short video explaining how you are working during the current period and the protocols in place if you are a business that has to physically visit people’s homes (tradesmen etc.). It immediately lets people know if you are available for work, offers reassurance, and can save them a lot of time ringing round looking for alternatives.

4. Utilise your personal LinkedIn profile

Making the most of your personal LinkedIn page can increase customer engagement and enquiries. Utilise the cover photo space at the top of the page for branding to sell your services or product. It creates a professional image that encourages visitors to find out more about what you have to offer and to click through to your business page and make an enquiry. Upselling your business through your personal brand is a small change that can make a big difference in the long run.

5. Diversify your content

Keep customers engaged through various forms of communication across the platforms you are present on. Methods of communication can feel stale and predictable if they remain the same for too long. And not everyone consumes information in the same way – some customers engage with visual content more than written marketing. Offer well-rounded modes of communication to increase customer engagement and interaction so they remain involved with your brand’s journey.

About this content

This article was inspired by one of our latest podcast recordings (The Simplified Marketing Podcast) and the expertise of Georgia Stylianou of Marshmallow Design. You can watch the episode by clicking here.

If you’d like more information on useful branding tools that we use then pop over to our Useful Tools section to find out more.

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