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Images and Image Optimisation

Images and Image Optimisation

Image Optimisation can be a quick win for your website. While written content is, of course, important, images play just as an important role in selling your products and services. The imagery on your site has to be of the right standard to engage customers and there are a range of things you can do in terms of SEO to help.

What is image optimisation?

Image optimisation is about maximising the potential of your images to support the SEO on the page. There are a number of things involved in this process, including image resolution, size, format, tags and names.

For WordPress one of the best image optimisation plugins is Imagify – find out more here – but caching plugins on servers can also help.

What is image optimisation important?

Optimising your images plays a big role in improving your SEO, not only helping the direct ranking of pages, but also improving the user experience.

When images are optimised to the right size the page load speed will improve, which increases the chances of visitors remaining on your site. Naturally, the longer people stay on your site, the better chance you stand of converting them into a paying customer.

High-res and relevant images also improve engagement from readers, while also giving Google a clearer indication of what the page is about for ranking purposes. And remember, the faster the page loads, the better Google will rank you.

This also applies to mobiles, as you want images to be positioned correctly, remain visible and optimised correctly to avoid slowing down page loading times.

What can I do to improve my image optimisation?

Consider implementing the following to get the best results from your image optimisation:

  • Descriptive names: The title of the image should directly reflect what it is. For example, if it’s a Red Ford Mustang, simply name it red-ford-mustang.jpg, rather than IMAGE12912.jpg.
  • Reduce the size: Large images take longer to load and 50% of customers will likely leave your site in a few seconds if there is any delay. Decrease the size so it’s in ratio with the rest of the page – it will also look better aesthetically.
  • Use the right file type: JPG’s can be compressed while still retaining good quality. PNGs are becoming more popular, offering a wider spread of colours and do not degrade with multiple re-saves like JPEGs.
  • Optimise thumbnails: Make thumbnails as small as possible as they can affect page load times. A lower quality image is a better option, as the smaller size shouldn’t highlight the drop in quality too much.
  • Test your options: Test the angles, listings and products per page that work best for you. See how customers respond and quickly react to ensure you strike the best balance for your site.

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