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Social Signals

Social Signals

Social signals can help your website rank so it’s now important to have a good presence on relevant social media platforms used by your target audience. Not only will it help promote your brand, but it can play a big role in supporting your SEO. At the heart of this something called social signals, which we discuss in more detail below.

What are social signals?

When talking about social signals in terms of SEO, this relates to the shares, likes and interaction on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Because Google crawls the pages of social media platforms it organically ranks the importance of the page including these social signals as a key metric.

Take a look through SproutSocial‘s “9 Smart Social Media Tactics You Need Today“.

Why is this important for your business?

The more likes, shares, comments etc. you can generate, the more confidence it builds in customers who are looking to make informed choices about the products and services they spend money on.

A number of studies have revealed that consumers are more likely to visit a website referred to them by friends or family on social media, rather than relying purely on search engine rankings.

It is also true that creating a strong social presence will boost sales conversion rates, generate more positive reviews, long-term customers and increased brand awareness.

Even generating higher social signals for one web page can benefit others on your website. It could also be the case that in the future, social signals could become more important than backlinks as a measure of quality and importance when it comes to search engine rankings.

How do I increase social signals for my business?

There are number of simple ways you can increase social signals, such as:

Link to your website

Make sure a link to your website is in your social media profile. Even if a nofollow tag is in place (which stops it affecting search engine rankings) you may still generate direct traffic via your profile page.

Create engaging titles

A good title that teases the content will increase curiosity and engagement through more clicks. Try to avoid being too ‘clickbaity’ as social media platforms do each have their own guidelines for this type of thing.

Insert call-to-actions

A simple call to action asking people to share, like or comment can make all the difference. Being instructive encourages readers who may not be sure how to respond to the content.

Create great content

The better and more relevant the content, the more engagement you will see in response. And the more engagement you receive, the more platforms like Facebook will share it to encourage others to share, like or comment.

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